hago is your brand’s portal
to college students across the nation.

And that’s exactly what we’d like students across the U.S. to have: a good sample of great brands. College promotional marketing is a great way to build relationships with customers that could last a lifetime.

hago is an experiential college marketing program that allows brands to have exclusive access to amenities like pools, fitness rooms, media centers and event spaces that are close to most campuses. It gives brands direct access to college students without the barriers that some college campuses impose on marketers.

Get connected with an increasingly important demographic. College student discretionary spending increased to $120 billion (2012) from $86 billion (2011).

hago can be your CPG pipeline. In a typical month, students visit: 92% off-campus grocery stores; 88% quick-serve restaurants; 83% sit-down restaurants.

Form a lasting relationship with students. 68% of college students use coupons, forging long-lasting purchasing behavior.