Use your brand to connect with students in a meaningful way.

hago is a program that lets interesting brands and products connect with college students in a smart meaningful way. A college student’s buying habits greatly forecast future behavior. Interesting, helpful brands can make a student’s hectic life a little easier and enjoyable with sampling and experiential marketing. And when that student graduates and enters the professional world the connection with that brand is likely to stay with that student.

Think of it a different way. After a long day of classes, a student comes home to their apartment. The ever-growing pile of laundry is creeping its head out of the bedroom, and the pantry needs restocking. On the counter is a hago bag. The student opted into the program when they signed the lease, so the bag is a welcome sight. Then she opens it up, and finds sample packs of your laundry detergent or maybe a sample pack of your pasta. Thursday night is saved! She can wait another day before she goes to the store, and now has time to cram for that exam tomorrow.

Our student goes to the store over the weekend and gets the detergent she needs. Guess what she decided to purchase? That’s how brands can start to build a meaningful relationship through buying behavior, and that’s what hago can do for your brand.

hago is operated in partnership by Kaleidoscope Youth, Family, Millennials, experts in college marketing with two decades of experience reaching influential consumers through unique, community-based locations. For more information about Kaleidoscope, please visit