hago is a pipeline to your target.

hago reaches college students at leading universities nationwide where they live and play. It’s a solution to millennial marketing needs and helps influence spending habits around popular and interesting brands.

A rapid growth of private student housing has created the need for off-campus housing managed by third party companies. Owners and managers of student housing want to develop a sense of community at their properties, because that makes for a happier customer. The more socially exciting and engaging a college student’s living experience at the property, the better the property will be. Brands like yours are appealing to property owners and managers since they engage students and can help support the community ambiance they desire. It’s a “win-win-win”–for you, the property owner, and student consumers.

College students spend a lot of time on their college campus–but they spend just as much if not more time, in off-campus apartments and housing where they live and play. It’s the primary hub for academic activities, but also for social and recreational activities. This makes it an ideal environment for hago to foster brand connections and influence spending habits with students who are making important brand decisions for the first time.